Tuesday, 5 July 2011

In less than 140 characters

Today I was trying to formulate the idea of the documentary in less than 140 characters. The discipline of tweeting will force me to convey my message in a sentence. I salute Twitter!

The documentary is starting to take shape. Today on my 6th version of my proposal, I realised writing about it here in Cairo is a very different experience to writing about it in London. No matter how well informed you are about a situation when afar, being there on the ground, experiencing it and then writing about it as it happens, can't be underestimated.

My reality of events in Cairo is very different to what it was in London.

I feel I'm here with my feet on the ground. I'm interacting with people, watching local television, discussing politics and the news, drinking Sahlab in a street cafĂ© in downtown Cairo, laughing at how ridiculous things were, how tragic they were, before Mubarak's departure. My perspective seems to be more solid. The longer I'm here, the more natural it seems.

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