Saturday, 9 July 2011

Proud Mom in Tahrir on July 8

This is an unedited clip of an interview with a mom I met in Tahrir, in a women's tent.


Mom: I'm a mom here, not one of these young women. I'm from the former generation. I'm very proud. It's not a matter of girl or boy now. A girl now is better than a boy or equal to a boy, in her thinking, her mind, her freedom. We didn't succeed in the past, yes, to change the system or to bring freedom to the country, but we were able to bring up an alert and strong generation. A generation that knows its demands, knows its freedom. They defended us and they got us our rights. So there's no difference between a girl or a boy.

I: It's great to see a girls' tent and girls taking part in the revolution.

Mom: Girls and women. Like I told you, I'm a mom here. I'm a girl's mom here.

I: Are you not worried? Are you not scared?

Mom: I was scared, and she showed me how not to be scared. I didn't teach her not to be scared. She taught me how to break the barrier of fear. Thanks to her I realise, time and life passed, and I regret I did not turn out like my daughter. I thank God that my daughter did not turn out like me. She turned out stronger than me and better than me. And she will obtain Egypt's rights. Her and all the youths like her.

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